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Monday, May 11, 2015

SEMIPERMANENT. Episode 15: "Paws and Claws"

TASK. Listen to this chapter 15 and answer these ten questions

Tiffany and Erik head to Asan to visit one of the largest no-kill shelters in Korea. They spend the day with Allison, an animal lover and one of the shelter's key volunteers.
Later, they meet Katherine, a pet accessory designer. They check out some cat-centric novelties and also explore a cat cafe.
Finally, it's off to meet Dubu, a big white Samoyed that's one of the expat community's most famous pets.

1.- Why it’s so important for many people who are living abroad to have a pet?
a) It’s uncertain, they do not give importance to the fact of having a pet.
b) Because they prefer the company of a pet to the company of certain people.
c) Because pets give them a feeling of stability.

2.- What’s doing Allison Young as a volunteer in Korea?
a) She looks after the pets, from several owners, really very well.
b) She’s a volunteer in an animal shelter.
c) She’s advising people to spend their money partying in Korea.

3.- Does she really think that people must adopt a new education before having a pet?
a) Absolutely not!
b) Yes. It’s needed more education about having a pet, what means to take care of a pet properly.
c) Yes. People must study to acquire certain knowledge about the animal life before having a pet.  

4.- The stereotypes in Korea about shelter animals are good enough?
a) Not at all. Sometimes people think that these animals are unfriendly and aggressive.
b) It depends on the region where you’re living.
c) Yes, of course.  

5.- How long Katherine Hall has been working on pet accessories business?
a) Since five years ago.
b) She’s planning to work on pet accessories but she doesn’t work nowadays.
c) Since July, it’s a newly-made business.

6.- How many pets does Katherine have?
a) Three dogs, one hamster and several cats.
b) She doesn’t have any pets yet.
c) Three dogs and a bowl full of goldfishes.  

7.- What’s the opinion of Katherine about adopting a pet, from the point of view of an expat?
a) She has not taken a decision about it, because it represents to face several expenses; for instance, to bring them back home.
b) She could adopt a pet, but nowadays she hasn’t enough time to take care of it.
c) It’s easy to adopt a pet for all those who have the intention of doing it.   

8.- What kind of job Robert Joe is developing in Korea?
a) He’s a famous engineer.
b) He’s working as a scientist at the university.
c) He’s a filmmaker.  

9.- At first sight, it was easy for him to become a pet owner?
a) No, it wasn’t. He went to the shelter five times to get to know the pet better.
b) Yes, it was. Once he bought his pet, it was like riding on bicycle.
c) Yes, of course. He always had a natural instinct for pets.  

10.- How much money he spent on grooming tools to take care of his dog?
a) Seven hundred dollars.
b) Two hundred dollars.

c) He spends more time than money grooming his dog.  

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