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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Semipermanent questions episode 17 -Body Issues

                          Ep. 17. BODY ISSUES   (10 questions)

Erik and Tiffany meet Kevin in Apgujeong Station to begin a tour of Korea's plastic surgery culture. After checking out a few "before" and "after" advertisements, Kevin takes them to the center where he works to get an idea of what patients actually experience. Next, it's off to meet Raimund, one of the only foreign doctors practicing Oriental medicine in Korea. He takes them to Gyeongdong medicine market to look at some of the traditional herbs and ingredients used for treating various ailments. Later, Erik and Tiffany meet up with Ilse, an aspiring make up artist. They take a look at some makeup in Meyongdong and then meet one of Korea's top make up artists. 

1.    Which is the most common surgery in Korea? Is it a way of westernization?

2.    For what kind of job did Kevin go to Korea?

3.    Why is there a hotel involved with the plastic surgery center?

4.    Which are the main differences between the modern medicine and the traditional one in Korea? What are they used for?

5.    How many westerners are studying Korean Traditional Medicine?

6.    When they visit the doctor Raimund Royer, does he find any problem?

7.    For how much time does he want to do this type of job?

8.    There’s too much of everything in a cosmetic shop, but, can you find two examples of products she mentioned?

9.    Does Ilse have to learn about all these cosmetic stuff?

10. Have Korean men started use cosmetic products? In that case, how common has it become?

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