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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

questionnaire for Isaac Rodriguez, - Sitges Film Festival 2016

  Questionnaire for 
   Isaac  Rodriguez, 
    our expert at 
    49th edition 
    -Sitges 2016

Isaac R. is a member of the jury made up of professionals from the audiovisual sector will award the following prizes:  In the CARNET JOVE Competition.
(one of the 7 categories, besides FANTASTIC)

Isaac and Tanit  won the 2013 award (both of them young and keen film directors) for Best Documentary Film. Together with Tánit,  their first work was taken to many venues:
    the Festival de Cannes, the Imagine India International Film Festival in Madrid, the Trento Film Festival.

At the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival,  they earned an award for the best direction in the emerging cinema section.  They are currently in the editing stage of their first feature length film.
 section1. Growing-up
    1.     When you were about  11 years old, did you have in mind to be involved somehow  in the world of cinema?
2.     What are your earliest memories of a shock for a film/scene/script? or  your interest in cinema?
3.     when was clear for you, that one day you would become a film director?

section2. Inside the film planet
   1.    What were the influences that make you study  to be a film director?
2.     how long have you studied to become a successful/fantastic film director?
3.     What were the foreign influences in your formative years (titles, directors, trends)?
4.     How do you choose the topic of your work? is there the soul/feelings more inportant than money or technical abilities?

section3. Becoming a professional ...... a long process
Image result for "isaac rodriguez" sitges espes   

    1.    Could you explicit both something you love the most/find it the hardest to do about your profession (job)?
2.     How many awards have ever you won?
3.     What do you think it is the strength of your Espés film? Was it the same  the jury found in the film?
4.     Personally, what was more important the money of the award or the social recognition (press, interviews...)
5.     who did you celebrate your 2013 award with?
6.     How succesful has been the money-gathering in your projects?

section4. Sitges_2016 -personal 
 1. Do you think technology/ special effects is the key issue at        producing horror movies?
2. What were the two most striking/surprising things about taking part in the Sitges event? 3. What can you tell us about Sitges social life? international night hang-outs? gay life? 4. Could you share with us any funny/terrific/terrorific anecdote form the past week?

Train to Busan - Sang Ho-yeong (Korea)
       section5. Sitges_2016 -professional
1.     How succesful do you consider the media attention/billboard of the 49th festival?
2.     How did you find the festival this year? there were enough quality in all the awards?
3.     What was the main difficulty to make the final choice in your category (CARNET YOVE)? 
4.     Is there anything you would suggest as an improvement to for the next 50th edition Sitges festival?

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