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Monday, May 11, 2015

SEMIPERMANENT Episode 08: A Fine Pair


TASK. Listen to this chapter 8 and answer these ten questions

Is Seoul better when you're not solo? Erik and Tiffany set Linus and Luigina up on a blind date to hunt for couple sets. 
They take AJ and Johnathan to a fortune-teller to find out what's in the cards for their new relationship. 
Over dinner at romance cafe, they discuss married expat life with Brad and Dani Moore

1. According to the video…
a) Seoul is an acceptable city for singles.
b) Seoul is definitely a city for couples.
c) Seoul is the best city for families.

2. If you compare Korean and Western people the narrator says…
a) The typical romantic ideas from Korean are not so far from Western ideas.
b) The Korean romantic ideas are very different from Western ideas.
c) Western people are more romantic than Korean people.

3. Luigina says that…
a) Her Korean age is 29 and her Australian age is 28.
b) Her age is 29
c) Her Australian age is 29 and her Korean age is 28.

4. Luigina explains that…
a) In Korea couples are very fashionable.
b) In Korea couples express their love buying gifts for each other.
c) In Korea couples express their love for each other matching clothes and accessories.

5. In A.J. and Jonathan couple…
a) A.J. is generally in charge of the fashion shopping.
b) She works in fashion.
c) She loves to buy fashion clothes.

6. A.J and Jonathan wanted to know an opinion…
a) Just three weeks after they moved together they went to a fortune-teller to know his opinion.
b) Before moving together they had always wanted to know the fortune-teller’s opinion.
c) Just three months after they moved together they went to a fortune-teller to know his opinion.

7. Jonathan says…
a) He went to a fortune-teller before.
b) A.J went to the fortune-teller before.
c) He didn’t know about the activity of going to a fortune-teller as a couple.

8. Danielle and Brad Moore …
a) Were a celebrity couple when they lived in  the USA.
b) Are one of Seoul’s celebrity couples.
c) Are two expats teaching at Seoul University.

9. Danielle and Brad Moore… 
a) Got married before going to Korea.
b) Got married in Korea.
c) Want to move to USA for their wedding.

10. Danielle says that…
a) Marriage has changed their lives.
b) Marriage always change people’s lives.

c) Marriage hasn’t changed their lives.

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