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Monday, May 11, 2015


Erik and Tiffany head down to Daegu with Evan, a business reporter for the Wall Street Journal. The three of them discuss Korea's economic history while touring KOMSCO, the company responsible for producing all of Korea's currency. Back in Seoul, Erik and Tiffany meet Swiss born, Reto. The owner of a men's luxury shoe store, Reto chats with them about how Koreans view luxury products and what it takes to compete in the market. Finally, Erik and Tiffany tackle the practical side of money matters in Seoul with Rusty and Lynn. Recently married, the couple is looking for a new apartment. Can they find everything they're looking for within their budget?
________ ( 2014- Nov-06  )

1.     How has South-Chorea changed during the last fifty-sixty years?

2.     Where is Ramstand from and why is he working in South-Chorea?

3.     Does Korean industry use modern technology in the printing cash machines?

4.     Why has the economy grown so fast since the 60s? What reasons have motivated it?

5.     Are Korean people going to have more opportunities now that in the past?

6.     What is the definition of luxury in Chorea?

7.     In the video we listen to a Swiss shoes import. How did his passion for shoes start?

8.     In his opinion do all the expensive brands have high quality in their products? Why do we pay for them?

9.     If these exclusive shoes do not have a known brand, what do people who buy these expensive shoes look for?

10.   As a conclusion, why is the video programme called MONEY TALKS?

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