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Monday, May 11, 2015


TASK. Listen to this chapter 9 and answer these ten questions

Intro 00question. Erik and Tiffany go on tour i Seoul and …
a)    take pregnant mom Ami to a birthing centre to help her figure out how she wants to deliver her first baby. 
b)     Romin and Jenny Johnson give Erik and Tiffany a taste of life with their two little boys, Joel and Justin. 
c)     Then it's on to hanbok shopping and a wedding spa with Caitlin, who's in the middle of planning a Korean-American wedding

Story one. Ami

1.  Why is Seoul a good place to grow up a family?

2.  Does Jaewon Jang already know if the baby they are expecting is a girl as he            wishes?

3. How were Ami first three months of pregnancy? 

4. Which are the main differences between having a baby in England or in Seoul?          What about politic rules?

5. What surprises you the most from the prenatal lessons?

Story two. Romin and Jenny Johnson

6.  Are Justin and Joel similar to each other? 
7.  For how long is the second couple going to live in Seoul?
8.  How do they think about rising kids in Seoul instead of doing it in the States? 

Story three. Caitlin 

9. Which dress Catlin would like to wear for the wedding ceremony?

10. Where did their last stop before the wedding take place? Why?

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