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Monday, May 11, 2015

SEMIPERMANENT_Episode 10: High Performance

TASK. Listen to this chapter 10 and answer these eleven questions

B-girl, Misslee, starts Erik and Tiffany off on a breakdancing lesson. 
Raul, a percussionist with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, invites Erik and Tiffany to attend a rehearsal before their concert showcasing Russian composers.
Then, it's off to the Korean National Theatre with Lauren, an actress with the Eurasia Shakespeare Theatre Company.

Are these sentences True or False?
1.    Misslee says that breaking dance is like any other skill: you must practise it.
2.    When Misslee  took up  breaking dance, her friends told her that she was very able to do it.
3.    According to Misslee, breaking dance is a combination of different abilities. The secret is to do all in the right way and in the right time.
5.    Raul has lived in Korea for about 2 years.
6.    Raul is a member of the “Seoul philharmonic orchestra”.
7.    Raul feels pressured by his job.
8.    Audience is, according to Raul, the most important thing for an artist.
9.    In Korea there aren’t young people studying piano, violin…
10. Being a musician in Korea has a negative connotation.
11. According to Lauren, the audience is able to understand Shakespeare’s theatre in Korean or English.

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