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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

3-BBC weather forecasters

This is BBC Television Centre in London. Here, the weather forecasters - or meteorologists - try and work out what the weather is going to do next.

                    TASK 1.1. READ aloud this prediction:
  •  It looks like there’s going to be.... rain in the south, but it's sunny up north. 
  • But then there are some showers developing a little bit later, so I recommend you taking an umbrella out with you. 

           1.2.  Practise changing the green words.

            TASK 2. VOCABULARY: 

Suggested collocations:
  • torrential rain
  • flash floods
  • severe storms 
  • dense fog
  • sunny spells (= short periods)
  • weather conditions (= problems)
  • high humidity

   TASK 3. READ aloud this passage about extreme weather CONSEQUENCES:

3.1) Sandstorms, tornadoes, and flash floods 
regularly kill thousands of people and 
leave many others homeless 

     3.2. Practise changing the types of weather and its consequences:

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