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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

LISTENING task 1 -5Q

LISTENING task 1. Snow Skiing: Resorts and Vacations (01:41)

Sarah and Ron are getting married. Listen to this conversation about their wedding plans.

1. The woman __________.
            A. has gone skiing many times
            B. doesn't have skiing experience
            C. skis once to twice a year
    2. The ski slopes are ____________.
        A. very crowded B. somewhat icy C. nearly empty
3. Another skier ___________.
A. drove into the woman
B. forced her into the trees
C. stole her new purple gloves

4. When the woman finds the other skier, she is going to __________. 
A. break his face, arm, and legs
B. show his face on social media
C. hit the person in the head with a book

5. The woman says she can recognize the other skier by his __________.
A . hair and eyes
B. crazy laugh
C. clothing 

FOLLOW-UP. Speaking task
Describe a recreational activity you enjoy doing in your free time and answer these questions:
    • What is the name of the activity?
    • Do you do this sport alone or with a group of people?
    • What is object of the activity
      (for example, you want to score the most points in a game of basketball)?
    • Are are the basic rules of the sport?
    • In what countries is this activity popular?
    • How much experience do you need to play?

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