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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

BLOG- SEOUL and ME All 12 entries

  SEOUL and ME   
   All 12 entries    
To prepare your flyers here you have the entries you may need to check.

you can see a Sample of Learners work here:

   ACTIVITY-1A.  Read a webpage & write

Read the link below and select the 3 aspects (out of 14) you find more interesting for you.
Write in your blog/flyer an entry (BLOG-ENTRY_001), stating why you chose them.

    ACTIVITY-1D.  Read a webpage & write
Write in your blog/flier a 12-line entry  (BLOG-ENTRY_002), stating  FIVE things you enjoyed about our hosts 
another 12-line entry (BLOG-ENTRY_003) with ...
    TWO things that surprised you from what Hassan said and other TWO from what Tory said.

    ACTIVITY-2A.    Listen to the video and record yourself

TASK: WATCH this  7-minute video

     What to expect: First impressions of Korea. by Korean Junkies

 Record yourself  &  add  in your blog/flyer  one entry (BLOG-ENTRY_004)
with a final version  of  a  2-minute selection  from the 13 topics he offered:
be prepared to get lost - to be rich! –  food  - Everything is overly cute - OVER crowded- neon lights –
Shopping - coffee shops obsession  - alcohol - strong smells .- technology – traffic - super humid

    ACTIVITY-2B.    Read a webpage & write
Write in your blog/flyer an entry  (BLOG-ENTRY_005), stating  your choices:
who will  select  ich were the aspects that motivated your choice.
    Answer: OUR CHOICES are:
             name1 + Episode xxx   //  name2 + Episode xxx  // name3 + Episode xxx   (name4 + Episode xxx)

     ACTIVITY-2D.    Listen to the videos and record your voice:

Wri Record in your blog/flyer an entry  (BLOG-ENTRY_006) 
for every learner with their own recording (groups of 3  = 3 recordings).
React to the content of the Semipermanent programme of your choice with a 3-minute speech each.

    ACTIVITY-3A.    Watch a 3-minute video and record your reaction to it

 A singular Korean feature.
 Record in your blog/flyer  an entry where you inform the audience about the content of the video and your reaction to it!
Watch this video on the link  below: 

    ACTIVITY-3C.     Condense the notes & write

Write in your blog/flyer  an TRIPLE entry on EACH CULTURAL  theme from the three you worked above. One done by a differrent member of the team (the extra member reviews the work)
(BLOG-ENTRY_008_a-b-c), stating reasons why Korean life is surprising;  comparing THREE surprising things  which you would like to be transfered to our country.

    ACTIVITY-4A.      Work as a team to listen  & write Q & A. 
Click at any episode below and you prepare a SET with a 10-12 open Questions (and KEY) on the two episodes you selected. Add them to your blog in two consecutive posts: with the final version revised by the team.
(BLOG-ENTRY_09_A  Final)  on epidode .................   & 
(BLOG-ENTRY_09_B  Final) on epidode .................  
Besides, send the questions (and Keys) to me ( so I  could add more pages to our webquest!

    ACTIVITY-4B.     Condense the content & write

Read the link below and select the  7 aspects (out of 50) which were mentioned/visited in our webquest
Write in your blog an entry (BLOG-ENTRY_010)  , stating why you chose them and  found them interesting for you.

ACTIVITY-5A. VIDEO on AMADA -AMADEUS -Speech/Presentation
    Choose one of these THREE options for your video.  Create in your blog only ONE VIDEO entry  (ENTRY_011),

(ENTRY_011a)      SEOUL and AMADA
Pretend you have a friend, Amada, who has been living in Seoul for a while. You decided to contact our guides, Tiffany and Eric, telling them about Amada.
     You may well use some of these ideas in the link below to guide your presentation...  

(ENTRY_011b      SEOUL a city to be in your heart
Pretend you have a friend, Amadeus, who wants to visit Seoul in the forthcoming year.
Use these ideas here to guide your presentation...

ENTRY_011c       SEOUL and us
 Record  a VIDEO  &  add  in your blog/flyer  an entry with a final version  of  a 5-minute speeches  (its contents is a choice of yours).

    ACTIVITY-5B.      Create a RADIO programme

 Audio - Radio days from SEOUL
 Record  a  radio program  &  add  in your blog/flyer  an entry (ENTRY_012), with a final version  of  a  6-7 minutes interview with one conductor and the other members of the team on the things you enjoyed in the process  (its roles are a choice of yours).

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