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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Filling in the Newsletter (timing)- SEOUL and ME

Filling in the  Newsletter (blog/flyer)- SEOUL and ME      All 12 entries
 (Getting to know our webquest)______ 30 min
   ACTIVITY-1. _ 2h. 10 min
   ACTIVITY-2. _ 1h. 30 min
   ACTIVITY-3. _ 1h. 15 min
   ACTIVITY-4. _ 2h           _   
   ACTIVITY-5. _ 1h. 10 min
TOTAL    9h.          _
BROWSE SECTIONS: index + introduction + task + assessment + process)_____________________________            30 min
   ACTIVITY-1A.  Read a webpage & write        _______________________________________________________            20 min
Read the link and select the 3 aspects (out of 14). Write in ENTRY_01),  (150 words)

ACTIVITY-1B.  Listen to the video and answer questions 1-5 ____________________________________________            50 min
Get to know your two guides in episode 1. The expat life  to this AWESOME city with a double answer questions task: 
We introduce Erik and Tiffany and discover a little bit about their story and why they are in Korea.
Here you will have to see  the first 8 minutes of the video twice, until their first guest, Hassan turns up. TASK: Watch the first 8 minutes at this link: 
    ACTIVITY-1B-KEY. Check the answers at ACTIVITY KEYS below
   TASK: Watch the first 8 minutes again     Once inside the chapter ONE, do these in-depth questions about Eryk and Tiffany below
                        ACTIVITY-1B in 12 in-depth  questions-KEY. Check the answers at ACTIVITY KEYS below

ACTIVITY-1C.  Listen to the video and answer questions 6-10 _______________________________________ ­30 min
Get to know our first two EXPATS_ Hassan and Tory

  TASK: Watch the last 15 minutes once.

ACTIVITY-1D.  Read a webpage & write  ______________________________________________________ ­30 min
Write in your blog/flier a 12-line entry  (BLOG-ENTRY_002), stating  FIVE things you enjoyed about our hosts 
AND another 12-line entry (BLOG-ENTRY_003) with ...
    TWO things that surprised you from what Hassan said and other TWO from what Tory said.

ACTIVITY-2A.    Listen to the video and record yourself ______­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________ ­ 25 min

TASK: WATCH this  7-minute video

     What to expect: First impressions of Korea. by Korean Junkies:
 Record yourself  ENTRY_04 with a final version  of  a  2-minute selection  from the 13 topics he offered:

ACTIVITY-2B.    Read a webpage & write____________________________________________________________ ­   5 min
Write in your blog/flyer ENTRY_05), stating  your choices for each one:
            name1 + Episode xxx   //  name2 + Episode xxx  // name3 + Episode xxx   (name4 + Episode xxx)

ACTIVITY-2C.   Listen to the selected videos and answer questions_______________________________________ ­ 50 min
SEVERAL Episodes 8+9+10+15+17+19 on Semipermanent  Seoul.

Click at the  episodes of your choice  below and you will see the questions

Watch them at this webpage:
  •        Episode 08 (10 Questions a - b - c): A Fine Pair     
  •          Episode 09 (11 open questions):  We Are Family We are family 
  •             Episode 10  " High Performance "   
  •               Episode 15 (10 Q a - b - c): "Paws and Claws"                                                                  
  •                    Episode 17  Body issues  (10 open Questions): " Body issues"                                                                                     
  •                        Episode 19 (10 open Questions) : "Money Talks"
ACTIVITY-2C-KEY. Check the answers here

ACTIVITY-2D.    Listen to the videos and record your voice: _______________________________________ ­15 min
Record in your blog/flyer ENTRY_06) 
for every learner with their own recording (groups of 3  = 3 recordings).
React to the content of the Semipermanent programme of your choice with a 3-minute speech each.

Activity 3.     Intro. Our riddle today is about .... Reading korean words... easy-piecy !? _____________________ ­ 10 min

ACTIVITY-3A.    Watch a 3-minute video and record your reaction to it_______________________________________ ­ 15 min
             A singular Korean feature. Social Surrey.  Record in your blog ENTRY_07 where you inform the audience
about the content of the video and your reaction to it!. Watch this video on the link  below:

Read from webpages and take notes___________________________________________________ ­ 20 min
                   Korea:  a modern country inside an old culture. Read  each of these THREE  themes offered below.
Explore each link  for 20 minutes and take notes on your notebook.
·       THEME  ONE.  Arirang broadcasting channel: a window to the world.
·       THEME  TWO.  With no doubt,  a  High tech life for the XXI century.
·       THEME  THREE.  Korean language  and Culture.

ACTIVITY-3C.     Condense the notes & write ________________________________________________________ ­ 45 min

Write in your blog/flyer  an TRIPLE entry on EACH CULTURAL  theme from the three you worked above. One done by a different member of the team (the extra member reviews the work)
ENTRY_08_a-b-c. stating reasons why Korean life is surprising;  comparing THREE surprising things  which you would like to be transfered to our country.

Work as a team to listen  & write Q & A.  ________________________________________________ ­ 70 min
HELP  to know another  episode on  EXPATS. Now, you know about 4 (or 5) of the 20 episodes on SEMIPERMANENT.
Read the synopsis in the  link below and select the 2  (out of  14 left) you were more keen on.
You chose episode .................   Click at any episode below and you prepare a SET with a 10-12 open Questions (and KEY).
Add them to your blog in  ENTRY_09 with the final version revised by the team.   
TASK: Watch the selected episodes at this link: 

ACTIVITY-4B.     Condense the content & write________________________________________________________ ­ 45 min
Read the link below and select the  7 aspects (out of 50) which were mentioned/visited in our webquest
Write in your blog an entry (BLOG-ENTRY_010)  , stating why you chose them and  found them interesting for you.

ACTIVITY-5A. VIDEO on AMADA -AMADEUS -Speech/Presentation___________________________________________ ­ 30 min
    Choose one of these THREE options for your video.  Create in your blog only ONE VIDEO ENTRY_11),

ENTRY_11a)      SEOUL and AMADA
Pretend you have a friend, Amada, who has been living in Seoul for a while.
You decided to contact our guides, Tiffany and Eric, telling them about Amada.
You may well use some of these ideas in the link below to guide your presentation...  
ENTRY_11b      SEOUL a city to be in your heart
Pretend you have a friend, Amadeus, who wants to visit Seoul in the forthcoming year.
Use these ideas here to guide your presentation...
ENTRY_11c       SEOUL and us
 Record  a VIDEO  &  add  in your blog/flyer  an entry with a final version  of  a 5-minute speeches  (its contents is a choice of yours).

ACTIVITY-5B.      Create a RADIO programme_______________________________________________________ ­ 25 min

        Audio - Radio days from SEOUL
 Record  a  radio program  &  add  in your blog/flyer  ENTRY_12),
with a final version  of  a  8-minute interview with one conductor and the other members of the team on the things
you enjoyed in the process  (its roles are a choice of yours). Add the questions aswell.

ACTIVITY-5C.      Create a RADIO programme_______________________________________________________ ­ 20 min

Now that you have finished, add assessement  (see assessemnt page in our webquest) form each member of the team at the Newsletter.

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