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Friday, October 19, 2018



________EXPLAIN all of them (classify the different mistakes)

  • spelling
  • syntax
  • wrong verb form
  • wrong tense
  • extra word
  • missing word
  • wrong concordance (sing-plural)

  • others....


Dear Angela,

BIT 1_

I am writing you to introduce Marta.

Marta is  a very interesting person. I know her really  well.

She is like you, so... I think  YOU will get on well with Marta / you will find her almost perfect/very entusiastic....

BIT 2_

She wants  to know  other countries,

that let her ___  have__ a new experience____ and learn ____  English.

She likes people and her  sister is younger than her.

She is in the mid-twenties, although her appearance is much younger.

BIT 3_

We met when she came__ to my granny's house three years ago, ____ to look__ after my little cousins, the children__  were 8 and 5  years. I hope our friendship will last for many years to come.

BIT 4_

What can I say about her? Marta is a good-tempered, hardworking AND responsible. Also, she is a good cook__!

BIT 5_

Some other things about Marta, she used to wins the basketball competitions. Now she loves both do exercise and going to the theatre.


xxxooo / xoxoxo


PS: my brother Isaac passed his medicine entry exam!

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