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Friday, February 8, 2019

Four ways of agreeing or disagreeing

There is no clearly defined difference between formal and informal ways of agreeing or disagreeing but it’s good to be careful about using expressions that sound too informal in certain situation.
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  • Decide which ones sound too informal:
  •  1- Simple agreement

    1. I really agree with you.
    2. I think you are right.
    3. I couldn’t agree with you more.
    4. You said it.
    5. Can’t say I don’t agree.
    6. I’m with you on this.
     2- Partial agreement
    1. I partly agree. I do.
    2. I agree on this but not that.
    3. It’s true to a certain extent.
  •  3 - Accepting/Declining

    • I accept your point.
    • Sorry, I can’t accept this.
    • I’m 100% with you on this!
    • Great idea. Point taken!
    • I’ll take it.
    • Sorry, I can’t take it.

  •  4 - Simple disagreement or refusal

    • I disagree with you.
    • Everyone has their own opinion, right?
    • I think you’re wrong on this.
    • I’m sorry but I have to refuse your request.
    • You’re wrong.
    • No way!
    • You’ve got to be kidding!
    • How can you even say that?
    • Where is your logic?

  •  5 - Strong disagreement

    • I totally disagree with you.
    • You are very wrong to say that.
    • To me, you are mistaken here.
    • I can’t find myself to agree with you.
    • You’re dead wrong.

Practise these two samples.  

 a) Agreement sample:
 Martha: Hey, Look at my new watch. Great, isn’t it ?
 Boris: Yeah, I absolutely agree with you, your watch is so cool. It perfectly matches your cell phone, doesn't it?
           Martha: It's Laura's present. It must be a very expensive one.

b) Disagreement sample:
TOM: Zoe, what do u think about that French movie? 
Zoe:  Wow, this movie was pretty cool, wasn't it?
TOM: I don’t think so. The first half an hour was so boring            that I almost fell asleep while watching it.
                   Zoe:  Must be kidding! I loved the bit when the two families                           met at the mountain cabin?
     TOM:  Wrong!  Then the plot turns predictable and lacks of any                    suspense in the story.
        Zoe:  Point taken, not an action film. All in all, best film of               the year. I adore those three actresses.
     TOM: I love French films too, but this time I must disagree with               you.

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