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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heinrich Böll -Anecdote_ the moral of to work or not to work


TASK. Read the summary and in pairs retell every paragraph  in your own words. 

                     The story is set in an unnamed harbor               on the west coast of Europe. 
A smartly-dressed enterprising tourist is taking photographs when he notices a careless dressed local fisherman taking a nap in his fishing boat.

The tourist is disappointed with the fisherman's apparently lazy attitude towards his work, so he approaches the fisherman and asks him why he is lying around instead of catching fish.The fisherman explains that he went fishing in the morning, and the small catch would be sufficient for the next two days. 

The tourist tells him that if he goes out to catch fish multiple times a day, he would be able to buy a motor in less than a year, a second boat in less than two years, and so on.

The tourist further explains that one day, the fisherman could even build a small cold storage plant, later a pickling factory, fly around in a helicopter, build a fish restaurant, and export lobster directly to Paris without a middleman.
 The nonconviced fisherman asks, "Then what?" 
The tourist enthusiastically continues, "Then, without a care in the world, you could sit here in the harbor, doze in the sun, and look at the glorious sea." 
"But I'm already doing that", says the fisherman.
 The enlightened tourist walks away pensively, with no trace of pity for the fisherman, only a little envy.

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